Martyn Beazley - Keyboards and Percussion

Martyn Beazley - Keyboards and Percussion


Martyn’s keyboard skills give RF2 an edge over traditional guitar based bands, in that it allows us to tackle songs that other bands dare not go near. Martyn honed his talents in a number of local bands before we nicked him for RF2. . Mart’s an electrician by trade, which is well handy for fixing all the stuff we break during the year!

Martyn plays a Hammond XB1, Kawai stage piano, Nord electro 4 HP and a Nord Lead 3 Synthesiser. He also has a Peavey amplifier called ‘the beast’ that is too heavy for anyone else to lift, so he has to carry it!

Favourite Album: Volume 4, Black Sabbath

And he’s a bloody good bloke.....