Ian Benjafield - Vocals

Ian Benjafield - Vocals


Mr B was runner-up in an audition process where the best singer wasn't actually hired. He only got the job after RF2 declined the services of a young lady with the voice - and looks - of an angel, due to concerns that her presence might put them off the uber-concentration levels required to play in the band. Ian - or 'Benji' as he's known to us - was a suitable compromise in the singing department, even if the band lost out on the aesthetics front. He spent his formative years in the UK and then moved to France, where he first found his voice. Writing and recording songs led to various adventures in Hi-Fi, including 'youvehearditallbefore' stories of record company run-ins, live high-jinx and a right royal bit of plagiarism....With gigs fronting his own band, plus guest singer spots here and there, Benji can roar and more with the best of them, bringing 'light and shade' to the frontman mix.

Gear: Bass, guitar, drums and keyboards are just some of the many instruments Benji cannot play. Other than singing and 'wiggling his bum', he can occasionally be spotted banging a tambourine. But not necessarily in time.

Favourite Album: English Electric, Big Big Train

And he’s a bloody good bloke.....