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About us - We're a 70s classic rock covers band (with a bit of late sixties and early eighties thrown in for a good measure), based in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. We don't have long hair, but we have the ability to drink beer, hit things with sticks, play solos that contain more than three notes and sing the classics in the original key. Our audience are grown ups of a certain age who appreciate the finer things in life, and we play top tunes by Queen, Cream, Deep Purple, Free, The Who, Bad Company, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Led Zep and many, many, more……

Unlike some, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Since taking to the road in 2007 on our ongoing ‘No Sleep till’ Biggleswade’ tour, our mission has been to ensure that your night out is as special as we can make it. We do pubs, clubs, birthday & anniversary parties, corporate and charity gigs. Check out the gallery page for proof.

If any or all of this rings your bell, then book us for your bash, or make sure you come and see us.

   bookings@rf2.rocks Phone Steve on 01462 819158   Phone Steve on 01462 819158