Steve Curtis - Guitars and Vocals

Steve Curtis - Guitars and Vocals


Steve is the driving force behind RF2 having formed the original band in 2006 picking up a teenage musical pass-time that a career running companies rudely interrupted twenty five years earlier. The Band represents what Steve thinks should be ‘a really great night out for grown ups’.

Although time-warped in the 1970’s, (the golden age of rock and roll), Steve’s musical tastes run from jazz through to pop and rock, as long as its got a guitar in it.

Gear ; Steve has a vast array of guitars and hardware, but tends to stick with his custom Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul & Telecaster. Steve also uses Blackstar, Line 6, Laney & Marshall Amplification and Line 6 effects.

Favourite Album: Made in Japan, Deep Purple

And he’s a bloody good bloke.....