Paul Elliott - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Ian Petley - Bass and Vocals


Paul is originally from Essex, although the accent doesn't appear any more unless heavy drinking has occurred. He started listening to rock and metal at a young age, and played guitar too loud and too fast for at least 30 years before realising that fewer strings probably meant easier to play, and promptly switched to bass.

Joining RF2 was the opportunity Paul had been looking for - playing 'proper' music with like minded people, for the enjoyment of rock-loving, often drunk, audiences. Like he (never) says, "Rock on".

Gear: Paul exclusively uses a variety of second hand gear, being unable to convince his wife that all new stuff would be justifiable - at least until after a new kitchen has been bought and paid for.

Favourite Albums: If You Want Blood, AC/DC and Live After Death, Iron Maiden

And he’s a bloody good bloke.....